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Inixis would punt a child if he saw this.

Inixis is the resident typo corrector of the synch. He is well known for his hate of typos and grammar errors. When asked to stop he often gives out a bratty "no". He is seen as a prick to many but he's OUR prik pls. Inixis can be fun to talk to as long as you profread every sentence and don't have an opinion. He doesn't know the meaning of his name. He is a known prima donna. Also allegedly related to half the roster of AAA and CMLL due to the fact he is a mexican.

Seriously though, he 'aight.


Inixis When He Finds aTypo

This is a lot more common than you'd think

List of things Inixis hates[]

  • Water
  • Air


  • The Sun
  • Typos
  • Disney Land
  • Innocence
  • Opinions
  • Balloons
  • Presents
  • Fun
  • Everything
  • Curt Hero
  • vizsla826
  • Any username starting with 'zee'

List of things Inixis likes[]

  • Himself
  • Consensual sex in the missonary position with the intent of procreation.
  • Simpsons References

    Inixis watching synchtube

  • The Real Ghostbusters
  • Googly eyes

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Only people who have never played the sax think it's a sexy insturment."
  • "Guys, I can't get it out. Send Help."
  • ">My butt is always in the ready to be slammed position."
  • ""mfw when I'm horny and decide to eat tartar sauce"
  • ">Tits for anal insertion is a good trade"